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Before Dental Implant

After Dental implant

Before smile designing

After smile designing

Before Tongue tie

After tongue tie

Before depigmentation

After depigmentation

Before pyogenic granuloma

After pyogenic granuloma

Before frenectomy

After frenectomy

Before Gingivectomy

After Gingivectomy

Before periodontal plastic surgery

After periodontal plastic surgery

Before pregnancy tumour

After pregnancy tumour

Before ridge augmentation

After ridge augmentation



Before aggressive juvenile fibromatosis

After aggressive juvenile fibromatosis

What Our Patients Say

I have all the time felt welcomed and my dentist’s skills are good. He takes into consideration my fear of dental process and my capability to pay for procedures. My dentist takes a long-term approach to dental care.

kunal kapoor

My whole family loves Dental Clinic Bhopal. We always have a positive experience, and I love that Great staff, they do a terrific job and are very efficient.

Prakash Kumar

This place is awesome! Everyone is so helpful. They take very good care of you and your teeth!!

Richa Sharma

Very good, extremely helpful and well performed. Never felt distressed or uncomfortable.

Rohit Jain